We have a particular kind of light here in the Pacific Northwest - a cool, gentle kind of light that even in the height of summer reminds us that we live in a northern country. This light permeates and influences my choice of colours and materials. It’s not a conscious decision. They just appear.

I grew up on the West Coast, close to the sea. For generations, my family earned its living from the sea, and all of my life I have lived on the edge of it. I look at this place through the eyes of a 3rd generation person of Japanese descent. Growing up surrounded by Japanese art and the rich influences of two cultures, I feel fortunate. A spare elegance, an exquisite balance of positive and negative space - these are Japanese ideals that I aspire to.

Textiles are my medium of choice, and within this broad continuum of textiles, my work is at the point where textiles meets mixed media, by combining certain textile techniques with unusual materials.

My work is a direct reflection of my deep connection to this time, place and culture. Like the patterns of the sea, from moment to moment my pieces change with the changing light. Ephemeral, constantly shifting.

No two moments in this world are the same. Look, observe, rejoice, grieve.

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